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Art that does stuff for people who do things:


 We make art that does stuff. More importantly, we make art that asks for you to do stuff. We believe that interactivity provides for the most immersive and empowering experience. We want for each viewer to be a part of their own aesthetic moment—a participant rather than an observer.





LED Cocktail Bar

Sixes and Sevens is our home base. A constantly evolving endeavor, this place is personal to Moon Papas: both operated and frequented by friends, this is where you will find our evolving newest works and is also where you are likely to find us, having a good time. The lighting fixtures and furniture are our place to play and experiment, both . The acrylic and metal sliding tables were made by our friends at Objekt Fab with us providing the lighting. Check back regularly for new works and new cocktails.



Music Venue / Bar / Coffee Shop

Our work for Red Dwarf was inspired by one of our sculptures, Broken Bismuth, which was made for the previous inhabitants of the buildings, Mongoose vs Cobra. When asked to contribute to the transformation of the space into its new iteration as Red Dwarf, the much needed and well loved music venue, we were delighted to expand Broken Bismuth--with its stepped geometric layers inspired by bismuth--into a large over twenty foot back bar display piece and mirrored acrylic geode.



Dance Floor Lights

This light sculpture for The Flat was commissioned by the inimitable and brilliant DJ Sun to add a sound reactive lighting component to his dance floor. The piece is composed of two separate fixtures, one behind the DJ booth and the other across the room, both in front of windows and, as follows, both double sided--visible from inside the club as well as from outside the window.



Unidentified Flying Beat Machine

The Unidentified Flying Beat Machine is a large scale interactive musical instrument wherein the viewers/participants control a looping musical sequence by manipulating controls stylized as the cockpit of an alien spaceship. The controls comprise a drum machine with tempo control, a sequencer synthesizer, and a lead synthesizer which tracks the position of your hands over an LED screen.



With Super Bowl LI serving as the impetus, Julian and Matt were comissioned to teach and build an art car with students at the Energy Institute High School under the auspices of Noble Energy and The Orange Show. It features 120 lasercut acryclic cubes with designs drafted by the students. The cubes are filled with a total of 12,000 RGB LEDs which can be controlled to shift colors and patterns. The car has appeared in the Super Bowl LI Super Bowl Live!, the 2017 Art Car Parade (where it won an award for Best Commercial Entry), and the 2017 Houston Pride Parade.



Interactive Binaural Beat Generator



Inhabitable Interactive LED and Sound Toy





Ohm's Wall is an interactive musical sculpture made of wood, steel, fifteen light reactive Atari Punk Console synthesizers, and seventy-five skateboard bearings. The instrument consists of five vertical rods with three independent axes of rotation within a steel frame. On each vertical axis there are four inverted wooden stepped pyramids linked together, each with their own bearing and axis of rotation, forming the four faces of a square. Each grouping of four pyramids around each vertical axis contains one Atari Punk Console embedded within one of the pyramids. The kinetic rotations around the seventy-five possible points of rotation requires a viewer to set them into motion by physically spinning a segment of the piece, thus linking individual or group user interaction within the viewer's aesthetic experience of the piece, both visually and sonically. Spinning one of the fifteen major vertical axes creates a doppler-effect with the Atari Punk Console contained within each cluster each time the speaker spins around its axis and passes by the viewer, resembling the effect of fifteen rotary Leslie speakers. Particularly interesting audio effects and simultaneous visual geometric phenomenon can be achieved by spinning the various clusters of cubes in particular patterns--the self-discovery of which is encouraged of the viewer and provides an impetus for sustained and repeat interaction with the piece.



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